• Luckie13

    Where is Gfriend on this list?

    • We will add Gfriend. They definitely belong in this list!

  • maria ligayo

    You forgot Tahiti:)

  • dukpoki

    Nice list. For me though, the top 3 are Crayon Pop, T-ara, and Baby Vox. I’ve been listening to kpop since the early 90’s and i’ve listened to almost everything and everything in between but the no 1 standout from the 90’s is Baby Vox (beating FinkL and SES in terms of song quality and impact on my life) and for the 2000’s it’s T-ara. Right now it’s Crayon Pop. Of course i like more groups too and i could technically extend my list to a “top 20” list but i’ll just keep it simple and concise per decade-ish since this is after all, a comments section. xP

    • Nice top three you have there. And i like you decade-ish way of doing it:)

  • Miss718

    Your website crashed my computer! Don’t upload a video for EACH band, you have 30 bands so that’s 30 videos! Just hyperlink or let people google the names themselves what the flipping hell -___-

    • Hey. Sorry that your computer crashed. We might have gone a little bit to far with the amount of videos. Hopefully, you still enjoyed the list and our Kpop profiles.

    • Wu Wei Xu

      If 30 videos on a website crashes your computer, then it definitely time for an upgrade!

  • Karishma

    Where is IOI?

  • Satendra Paleya


  • Rifah


  • Bts Army

    Hey you forgot Black Pink. Cant believe its not on the list. It is much deserving than the other kpop group thats in the list. Their mv’s have lots of views. Im a huge kpop fan but there are some of the list that i know that are not that amazing. Black Pink should be in the list. They are very cool for me.

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  • Geert Verkeerd

    Just noticed this was written in 2015, Blackpink and GFriend deserve on the list now-days. and WJSN is slowely getting there i think.

  • アリエフマキシム

    Wtf? f(x) is 28? Lol. This girl band is more better than a lot of groups are in list. They must be 3-5.