The ultimate iKON Profile 2016

Welcome to the ultimate iKON profile, where you can find everything about your favourite Kpop boy group. You will find member profiles, videos, pictures and many other things about this very talented group. Can’t wait to see what i have for you? Let’s get started.

1. iKON Members

1.1 Kim Ji Won

1.2 Kim Jin Hwan

1.3 Kim Han Bin

1.4 Goo Jun Hoe

1.5 Kim Dong Hyuk

1.6 Song Yoon Hyung

1.7 Jung Chan Woo

2. iKON Profile History

3. iKON Music

4. iKON Fashion and Style

5. iKON Tour

6. iKON News

7. iKON Videos

ikon profile

1. iKON Members

1.1 Kim Ji Won

He is also known as Bobby, so i will refer to him this way for now. Just to make sure that there is no confusion.

  • He was born on December 21, 1995.
  • He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Bobby grew up in Virginia, USA.
  • His height is 180 cm.
  • His blood type is 0.
  • Bobby is the main rapper of iKON.

A photo posted by BOBBY (바비) (@bobby.ygent) on

1.2 Kim Jinhwan

  • He was born in Jeju-do, South Korea.
  • His height is 165 cm.
  • His blood type is A.
  • Jinhwan is the lead vocalist of the group.
  • He might be the ex-boyfriend of AOA’s Jimin. What do you think about this Kpop couple?

1.3 Kim Han Bin

Also known as B.I, he is the next iKON member i would like to have a closer look at.

  • He was born on October 22, 1996
  • He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
  • His height 177 cm.
  • His blood type is 0.
  • He is the leader and a rapper of the group.
  • B.I also composed some of the songs.

Could he be the next G-Dragon? YG seems to think so. What is your take on this?

1.4 Goo Junhoe

  • He was born on March 31, 1997.
  • His height is 182 cm.
  • His blood type is A.
  • He is a main vocalist of iKON.
  • Junhoe is a huge fan of Michael Jackson. Can you see some similarities between the two?

1.5 Kim Donghyuk

  • He was born on January 3, 1997.
  • His height is 175 cm.
  • His blood type us 0.
  • He is a vocalist of the group.

1.6 Song Yoon Hyung

  • You might also know him under his stage name Yunhyeong.
  • He was born on February 8, 1995.
  • His height is 177 cm.
  • His blood type is A.
  • He is a vocalist of iKON.

1.7 Jung Chanwoo

  • He was born on January 26, 1998.
  • His height is 180 cm.
  • His blood type is A
  • He is a vocalist of the group.
  • Chanwoo is the Maknae of iKON.
  • He also did some acting: For example in “Boys Over Flowers” and “The Heirs”

2. iKON Profile History

This is not supposed to be a full history of the band history. I just want to give you the most important events in the iKON history. Please let me know, if i missed anything and i will add it asap.
  • They are under YG Entertainment
  • iKON debuted on 15 September 2015.
  • They held their first concert on the 3rd of October 2015 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena.
  • Their Asia Tour 2016 will lead them to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.
iKON Profile

3. iKON Music


iKON Profile Welcome Back (2015)


2015 My Type Rhythm Ta Airplane Anthem Apology What’s Wrong? Dumb & Dumber

iKON Members

4. iKON Fashion and Style

Coming Soon!

5. iKON Tour

This is the place, where you can find iKON tour dates in your area.

There are no events scheduled for your area.

Please check back for updates.

6. iKON News

iKON comeback will happen!

iKON wining China Music Awards.

7. iKON Videos

iKON – “Apology”

iKON – “Airplane”

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