• My favorite AOA member is Hyejeong. She is the tallest. I watched “Fox’s Secrets” with Hyejeong. She can be funny, sexy, pretty, serious, has a great speaking voice and she sings very softly. A great dancer and she likes to eat. She isn’t the most beautiful member of AOA (Seolhyun is), but I prefer Hyejeong’s type. Love AOA, <3 Hyejeong <3

  • On a side note….I have ALL AOA’s releases, 2 are autographed by all members. Even the Japanese releases. I’m hoping AOA comes back to the east coast of the U.S.A. this year. ‘Elvis’ forever 🙂

  • Shin Hyejeong

    This is a great info summary on AOA. I have been into them for quite awhile now and since I’m lazy to research on them I only know basic knowledge about the group itself and its members. Also, just a heads up, I believe there’s a new AOA sub unit called “AOA CREAM” which includes Hyejeong, Yuna, and Chanmi. •.•